Quade Dam – When the dam was installed there was a specific height in which the top of the dam was to be set at which in turn sets the maximum height of the water behind the dam. This was agreed to by all entities when the permit was applied for. Sometime after the original installation of the dam, a board was added to the top of the dam which increased the dam height and thus the height of the water. Acoma Township had already built 196th St and set the culvert thus adding any height to the dam would have an effect on the road. Acoma Township is seeking to have the board removed so it meets the original permitted level and design.


Reiner Development – This development went through the Hutchinson Joint Planning Board and was approved but Acoma Township never received the sign off by the engineering firm that says the road was built to the specifications proposed and agreed upon. The required signage has been installed and the Supervisors will inspect the road this spring for acceptance.


Policies – Acoma Township has gone through a process of writing policies so we have a standard to follow. We plan to review each one before they are approved.


FEMA – There was a lot of damage to our roads in 2019 and McLeod County was declared a disaster area. Acoma Township has been working with FEMA and so far, we have collected $105,831.29 for the damage to our roads. Acoma has appealed the last payment amount offered by FEMA.


200th St – The ditch does not hold water as it has silted in with dirt over the years. We will be removing the extra dirt and reshaping the ditch so the water stays on the South side and runs to the West towards the river. Scheduled for spring of 2021.

Souix Hills Rd – There is some road damage and a ditch silted in and the water runs over the road rather than to the culvert. The contractor has been hired and it is scheduled for the spring of 2021. 

Who is working on what:

Chuck Hausladen – Is in charge of grading, snow removal, and mowing of the ditches. 

Jerry Eggert – Is in charge of the 200th St ditch rebuild. 

Tom Dahl – Is to work with driveway gravel and dust coating. He is also working on the FEMA appeal.

Nichole Plath – Is to continue to learn the accounting system, pay all bills and provide the Supervisors with the monthly reports.

Melissa Borer – Is to work on the monthly agenda’s, post them, keep the minutes from the meetings and keep the Web site current.